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Fictitious Companies

To minimize context switching when reading through SCITT scenarios, Use Cases and Examples, a set of fictitious companies and personas are used. The companies and personas aim to represent sets of end-to-end scenarios.

Software Producers

A set of software producers.

Wabbit Networks

Wabbit Networks is a software company, specializing in network monitoring software. They distribute their software as container images and loose binaries for Linux and Windows servers. As consumers purchase different versions, Wabbit Networks maintain multiple versions of their software, while releasing patched versions. Over time, some versions become “End of Life” (EOL), where support is no longer provided. For each version that’s marked EOL, a new supported version is provided.

Software Consumers

Various consumers of software from various vendors and open source projects.

ACME Rockets

ACME Rockets consumes the Net Monitor software from Wabbit Networks. ACME Rockets has multiple environments ranging from common software the use for Human Resources, services from cloud providers and specialized software for their launch systems. In addition, ACME Rockets manages a set of Satellite services, where they maintain and update the software deployed within the satellites.

Third Party Security Vendors

A set of vendors that provide security perspectives and audits of software products and services.

Cosmic Security

Cosmic Security evaluates software security, providing their customers 3rd party validation. They specialize in the unique requirements of aerospace companies that have unique challenges, such as how they secure launch systems, manufacturing and the software running in satellite deployments. The aerospace industry has a network of suppliers and vendors for CAD/CAM, 3D printing, materials and transport services. In addition to assuring the software runs across planetary and orbital environments are secure, they must also assure the documents shared across parties are also genuine.